Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Blue days
Please stay away
I feel like an unfilled cup
Some days I want to cry or give up
Alone in this world we sleep
Alone in our minds we weep
As much as we try 
We just shrivel and die
Can’t we look above?
Dream of love?
No, years of breaking we’re done
Why pretend we’ve been having fun?
We can’t change our lives
If we want to dive
Into the dark abyss
We cannot miss
But stopped we are each time
As if it’s a crime
We lay in that hospital bed
Wishing we were dead
Then you came 
Beautiful and alive you aim
Into our hearts
Only to rip it apart
It always ends like this
And I’m falling deeper into this abyss
I try to climb out
But I can’t even shout
We can’t be happy at all
Like a deflated ball
We feel so alone 
Just toss a dog a bone

Written by Isabel Suarez