Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Racist - A Limerick

It's the year two thousand ten
you're still looking at my skin
your mind is disturbed
wish you were unheard
when will this madness just end?


Thursday, October 14, 2010


an uninspired rhyme
in a ho hum kind of mood
just tryin to fill some lines
with a careless attitude


Friday, October 8, 2010

This World

in this world full of hate
there is one who always thinks they're so great
there are lies that are told
by someone who is so bold
to twist words
and conquer verbs
who must always be heard
it's no wonder this world is so perturbed
we believe things that are absurd
when will we be set straight?
probably when it's too late
we are headed for this fate
too much of nothing on our plate
no one will stand up
for fear of something to errupt
everyone sings the same song
to be right is to be wrong
this can't keep going on
tell me how long
will this war ever end?
will our world ever mend?
can our minds ever bend
back to truth, guess it depends
can't we all just be friends?

I wrote this on Apr 3, 2008

Thursday, October 7, 2010


you're choking me
you're bad for my health
but when you're around
i want nothing else
i wanna taste you on my lips
and breath you all in
fill my body with your toxins
that make my head spin
i reek of your stench
but sometimes i don't care
i got your funk on my hands 
on my clothes, in my hair
i'm an addict for you
but it's time for me to quit
i need to get right
in my life, you no longer fit
you're not gonna run me
you're not gonna win
but the desire keeps calling
calling me to sin
the clouds, they are blinding
it's hard to see through the smoke
but you're messing with my heart,
my lungs, this is no joke
i won't smell like an ashtray
my mouth won't taste like shit
cuz i'm done smoking cigarrettes
this time i really quit.

I wrote this on Mar 29, 2007.
I didn't quit right away, but I did quit and am now smoke-free!


her name is like a spell
no, like a song, my Isabel
her smile is contagious
her laugh is infectious
her soul is pure and innocent
her beauty is simply heaven sent
she's overflowing with love
my angel from above
she loves to hug and kiss
this feeds into her bliss
it's a shame that she'll have to grow
and one day she will have to go
out to this world of lies and hate
i can't protect, or hold her from fate
i can only teach her all i can 
to be the best, for the good of man
when the time comes, i'll let her leave
because i know she'll have dreams to achieve
but for now, she's still my baby
i'll mold her until she becomes a lady.

I wrote this on Jan 30, 2007.
Isabel was about 8 years old.


a little bit of this
and a little of that
a laid back personality
that's a matter of fact
cocoa buttery skin
and some chocolate slanted eyes
workout to stay slim
and i try to be wise
patient and kind
are some traits that i pursue
i strive to be best
in all that i do
don't take it as a weakness
i'm a number one pick
unlike your average everyday chicks
i'm the Perfect Mix.