Thursday, October 7, 2010


you're choking me
you're bad for my health
but when you're around
i want nothing else
i wanna taste you on my lips
and breath you all in
fill my body with your toxins
that make my head spin
i reek of your stench
but sometimes i don't care
i got your funk on my hands 
on my clothes, in my hair
i'm an addict for you
but it's time for me to quit
i need to get right
in my life, you no longer fit
you're not gonna run me
you're not gonna win
but the desire keeps calling
calling me to sin
the clouds, they are blinding
it's hard to see through the smoke
but you're messing with my heart,
my lungs, this is no joke
i won't smell like an ashtray
my mouth won't taste like shit
cuz i'm done smoking cigarrettes
this time i really quit.

I wrote this on Mar 29, 2007.
I didn't quit right away, but I did quit and am now smoke-free!

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