Wednesday, December 1, 2010

He Doesn't Love You

he doesn't love you.

i wish you could see 
the mess you're creating
the people you're hurting
the friendships are fading
the daughter you're raising
you're making her crazy
it's a matter of time
when it all catches up
your life is in shambles
it was all for what?
some loser 
who came from the gutter
he slipped you a mickey
now molds you like butter
turned your world upside down
now you closed your shutters
he taught you to lie
he taught you to stutter
why can't you see 
that this shit isn't right
open your eyes
why won't you fight
take your life back
come back to the light
your children are crying
you can't hear their plight
you're too busy trying 
to be his delight

he doesn't love you.


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