Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Music Essay

  Here is an essay I wrote about music. I hope it's not too corny. Haha!

  Music is very inspirational. I enjoy singing, dancing and listening to music. It has been said that different music can enhance your mood. It can bring joy and comfort. It can also make you angry or rowdy. It can get you moving and bring back memories. I like to imagine different images as I close my eyes and listen to classical or instrumental music.

  I don't know if I can pick one type of music as my favorite. I am very eclectic and love a variety. On the top of my list would be Reggae and other Caribbean music like Soca, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, and Reggaeton. I love the way that it moves me to dance and shake my hips. Soulful R&B is another sweet spot for me. I love to sing along to great hits. I am no stranger to karaoke, and not too bad if I must say so myself.

  I have lots of respect for people who put their life into bringing music to the rest of us. Most people don't think about all the work that it takes to produce music, but we reap the benefits. I am not a professional singer, but I have spent some time in the studio. You do things over and over until it's exactly how you want it. Then you listen to it a week later and wish you had done something different. That's only one part of the process (the fun part if you ask me). There is also editing and other stuff that I don't know about.  Thanks to music and the artists who make it, the world is a much better, lively and more colorul place to live.

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